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Article: allume

Web Development


About the client

allume is a direct to consumer luxury apparel brand with a heavy emphasis on sustainability. They wanted a website that was built to convert with tons of functionality, yet followed their minimalistic, quality-first design strategy.

Full site design

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Project description

We created a brand new site for the client allowing for a seamless user experience. Some of our favorite elements of the site include:

ā—‹ Fully customizable floating collage

ā—‹ Masonry product grid

ā—‹ Golden ratio product page layout

ā—‹ Sticky add to cart on mobile

ā—‹ 3d product highlight block

ā—‹ Discounted pricing based on customer tags

ā—‹ Animated header logo

ā—‹ Color matched product page

ā—‹ Add to cart notification when user scrolls off product on product page

ā—‹ Custom collection showcase slider

ā—‹ Landing pages

ā—‹ Quick view

Launch Project

Feedback from the client
Job rating: ā­ā­ā­ā­ā­

We've been through a countless amount of developers and it was well worth it to find Fourm. The speed, communication, accuracy, and quality of the work is unparalleled. While following guidelines, they created and designed the site of our dreams with conversions front of mind. We recommend Fourm to anyone who wants to build the best Shopify store.

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Web Development


Advanced setup, full custom, D2CĀ + B2B, large catalog

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